Assistant High Commissioner to Visit Afghanistan

The Assistant High Commissioner for Operations is to start a two day visit to Afghanistan today, July 29. This visit is part of a wider regional mission by Ms. Judy Cheng-Hopkins which will also ta

The former King of Afghanistan, Zahir Shah, has died at the age of 93

Former Afghan monarch and Father of the Nation Muhammad Zahir Shah passed away Monday morning ( 5:45 A.M ) after protracted illness, he was 93. Muhammad Zahir Shah returned to Afghanistan after

Vida Samadzai, Miss Afghanistan 2003 receives award from President of US

Vida Samadzai, Miss Afghanistan 2003 and Ms. America 2005-06 received the Presidential Service Award on July 10, 2007 during a ceremony in Southern California to honor her for her Crusade in helping t

Suicide attack in Kabul leaves one injured

The attack took place at 08:10 am in the morning in Company bridge area of 13th regional police district, when the Turkish forces were passing by, said Dad Muhammad Rasa, a member of the Interior mini

United States donates US$ 26 million for food aid in Afghanistan

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Yesterday welcomed a US$26 million in-kind contribution from the United States government to provide food aid to the most vulnerable people of Afghanistan

Narcotics burned in Badghis

844.550 Kg Opium and 10 Kg Hashish were burnt by Badghis Province Security Officials yesterday. These narcotics were burnt after completion of legal processes under observation by provincial offic

Trails for national women volleyball squad to be finished

One week trails for the selection of Afghanistans women volleyball squad, will be finished tomorrow in this capital city, an official said. As many as 10 Kabul-based clubs, divided into two groups

One child killed; eight wounded in eastern Afghanistan

One child was killed, five ISAF soldiers and three local nationals were wounded in an insurgent attack yesterday in Kunar province, located in eastern Afghanistan. A 10-year-old boy was killed as t

Explosion kills ANP and children in Helmand province

An explosion at an Afghan National Police (ANP) Patrol Base in Sangin district of Helmand province, thought to be an improvised explosive device, killed two children and two members of the ANP. The

ISAF soldiers die in southern Afghanistan

Six ISAF soldiers and one Afghan ISAF employee were killed today in southern Afghanistan after the vehicle they were riding in struck an improvised explosive device, said in a statement release by ISA

Weapons & Narcotics discovered and confiscated

Bilal Basharat from Kabul Yesterday, Police of Takhar Province managed to capture thousands of KGs of illegal Drugs with some weapons, Interior Ministry's Media office told Afghanmania today. Acco

International conference on strengthening the rule of law opened

Bilal Basharat from Kabul A two-day international conference on strengthening the rule of law and justice sector in Afghanistan opened today in Rome, the Capital of Italy. After a day of closed-d

Taliban rockets kill 3 civilians, injure 7

Bilal Basharat from Kabul BAGRAM AIR FIELD, Afghanistan – Three Afghan civilians were killed and seven wounded today when an Taliban rocket attack on an ISAF patrol base fell short and landed in a vi

International Day against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking being marked

Bilal Basharat from Kabul The International Day against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking is being commemorated yesterday by Ministry of Counter Narcotics at Inter Continental Hotel Conference Hall.

Military investigates press report of detainee abuse

ISAF and U.S. military officials are investigating the circumstances surrounding an article written by Wolfgang Bauer in the German magazine “Focus”, accusing U.S. and Afghan soldiers of witnessing an

Improved Wheat Seeds and Fertilizers Distribution and Community Development in Afghanistan – A success story

Afghanistan is prone to disasters: drought, floods, earthquake for the main ones. Afghanistan has faced in 2006, a food crisis due to inadequate rainfall during the spring season. The drought conditio

Natural disaster takes sacrifices

Bilal Basharat from Kabul In result of a land slide in Zere daora area of Konduz city, 6 children between 6 to 14 years of age lost their lives while playing in a wedding party last night. This n

Police arrests five foreigners accused for demolishing activities

Bilal Basharat from Kabul In an operation of desert headquarters Maiwand in Ghazni Province, five Pakistani civilians believed to be engaged in terrorist activities were arrested by security forces,

Sweden, Afghanistan and UN sign deal on voluntary return

Bilal Basharat from Kabul The governments of Afghanistan and Sweden, together with the UNHCR, yesterday signed an agreement outlining the terms for the voluntary repatriation of Afghans from Sweden.

Government promises facilities for fruit exporters

Bilal Basharat from Kabul Minister for Commerce and Industries Dr Muhammad Amin Farhang said yesterday that the government would provide better facilities to fruit exporters. Naming grapes, melon

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