Gap- e Jawan - The Youth media festival in Kabul

“Afghan youth are looking for opportunities to express their talents. The Youth media festival is an opportunity”. Mustafa Kiya Afghan Youth Voices Festival Multimedia Trainer
KABUL, May 4th 2010
The first Youth Media Festival in Afghanistan is launching a program of multimedia training to encourage young people to express themselves so their ideas can be heard across our Country. This is a unique opportunity for young people aged between 15 to 24 years to learn how to blog, how to film and edit, how to record and edit sound, and how to tell stories on a digital platform.
Young Afghan trainers including a filmaker, journalist, photographer and blogger will help young people to find their individual voices and develop the skills to express their concerns and interests as well as what they would like for their future and for the future of Afghanistan.
Dyana Saqib, a young Afghan filmaker, decided to join the festival as multimedia trainer because she strongly believes young people need to be involved in media in order to develop Afghanistan :
“In today’s world negotiation is the best mechanism to establish relationships and understanding with others. It is not important whether this negotiation is written text, picture or music. The important thing is that the message is conveyed accurately to the audience. I hope this festival will be an opportunity for dialogue and negotiation among Afghanistan’s young generation, those for whom the future of this country is waiting.”
For Basir Sirat photographer, blogger and multimedia trainer working with multimedia is an opportunity to empower our youth “Learning multimedia from a youth perspective wil lead to a stronger youth focus because young people have something to say and they can use this as a tool to express themselves The training will also build media skills among Afghan youth. and help develop a sense among young people that they among those who can enhance media and freedom of speech.”
Each session will be three days full time or six days part time.
To apply for training register through the website, call +93 (0)
77 15 020 79 or contact the Nai hub in, Mazar +93 (0) 708527819 and Jalalabad +93 (0) 700603250.
THE AFGHAN YOUTH VOICES FESTIVAL Gap- e Jawan is the First Youth Media Festival in Afghanistan. Targeting people aging between 15 to 24 years, the Festival aims to encourage the young generation to have a voice. The Festival will provide an opportunity for the country’s future next generation of leaders to discover their strengths and will support them to have a say through different mediums including radio, television, the internet, blogging, photography, posters, art and music
For the next 4 months, young people and youth groups will become involved in media projects and activities that engage youth in media production, The festival will inspire and legitimize active youth participation in public debate. Small and large media projects and activities will be created and developed by young people. Their work will be showcased during Youth Media Week held from 4th to 10th August 2010. The creative energy of young people will be expressed during the Youth Media Week through radio and television programs, video screenings, photography exhibitions, blogs, SMS and other activities and projects that demonstrate and celebrate what Afghan youth can achieve. The Afghan Youth Voices Festival is promoted by Internews Network and Nai, Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan.
Media partners: TOLO TV , 8AM daily news paper , Salam Watandar, and Pajhwok Afghan News.
For young photographer Mustafa Kiya“ the festival offers hope and practical opportunities for young people. “Afghan youth are looking for opportunities to express their talents. And the Afghan Youth Voices Festival is an opportunity. As a trainer I intend to share my experience with other young people in this festival and teach them how they can share their thoughts with others”
For more information you can reach us through [email protected] mobile: +93 (0) 77 15 020 79

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