Emrooz tv to launch model casting show for afghan girls in Kabul

Arash Shenasa wants to change the image of Afghanistan and plans to launch a model casting to show "the hidden beauties" of Kabul.
The show would be aired by Emrooz-TV in Kabul, about 2000 men and women enrolled in the "Afghan model" since the announcement a week ago.
Contestants will be judged on looks, fitness and behaviour, says Shenasa.
Casting show has been popular in many countries a round the world, but it would be a controversial show in a country like Afghanistan.

This show is in many cases a hard job for the 24-year-old Arash Shenasa, the judges of the contest themselves have no experience in modelling.

"My main aim is the hidden beauty of Afghan youth, and by Emrooz TV, I'm trying to show that only," told the medical student the Reuters news agency.

The final six will have a chance to appear in TV advertisements, which have mushroomed in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban, who had banned TV among their many other restrictions.

Owned by parliament member Najib Kabuli, Emrooz, has made a name for itself by airing entertainment and music programs mainly focused on youth.

But the upstart broadcaster's quest for ratings has earned the wrath of authorities, with prosecutors accusing it of undermining Afghan society's traditional Islamic values and influential detractors threatening to revoke its broadcast license.

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