Threats to Afghan Woman Journalist Jameela Rishteen Qadiry

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is alarmed to learn that a woman journalist, Jameela Rishteen Qadiry, reportedly received telephone calls threatening her with the same fate as that of murdered BBC journalist Abdul Samad Rohani in Afghanistan .

According to information received from an IFJ affiliate, the Afghan Independent Journalists¢ Association (AIJA), Qadiry, a reporter for Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty (RFERL), was given the chilling warning in two anonymous phone calls within minutes of each other on June 12.

Qadiry¢s reporting, particularly on issues to do with the sensitive border between Afghanistan and Iran , was identified by the caller as the immediate reason for the threats.

The IFJ is informed that Qadiry has worked with RFERL for five years. For much of this time she was located in the most violence-prone provinces of Kandahar and Helmand . She transferred recently to the city of Herat in Afghanistan ¢s west.

The IFJ understands that a recording of the threats is available with the AIJA. The IFJ urges Afghanistan ¢s authorities to launch appropriate investigations on the basis of all the available evidence.

Meanwhile, the IFJ urges provincial authorities in Herat and Afghan national security agencies to ensure Qadiry is afforded appropriate protection, given her heightened vulnerability to attack.

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