Afghan national television to televise an Egyptian historical drama

The Minister of Culture and Information Abdul Karim Khorum received a historic television Drama from the Egyptian Ambassador in Kabul Mr. K. Sharaf.
The Ambassador presented the Minister with a donation of the popular historic and religious television Drama serial "Imam Abou Haniefa Alnoman" to be televised on Afghan television.

The drama serial narrates the life and times of the great seventh century Imam, considered a paramount figure in religious interpretation and Islamic jurisprudence, and a beckon of Islamic moderation and founder of one of the principle sects of Islam adhered to by millions of moderate Muslims around the world.

The donation was made at the request of the Afghan minister due to popular demand.

Commenting on the donation, the Egyptian Ambassador said that the drama reflects many of the true values of Islam, and was presented on behalf of the people of Egypt to the people of Afghanistan to further strengthen religious and cultural ties during the holy month of Ramadan .

The Ambassador added that the 37 hours of televised material was produced by the Egyptian Television and Radio Union under the strict supervision of Al-Azhar El Sharif in Cairo, and that further cultural contributions of this nature to Afghanistan were expected in the near future.

Bilal Basharat

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