Vida Samadzai, Miss Afghanistan 2003 receives award from President of US

Vida Samadzai, Miss Afghanistan 2003 and Ms. America 2005-06 received the Presidential Service Award on July 10, 2007 during a ceremony in Southern California to honor her for her Crusade in helping the suppressed women in Afghanistan and for her charity work around the world.
The Presidential Gold Medal recipient is the highest honor bestowed upon a civilian by the President of the United States for service to their country and the world. Vida's honor included a gold frame Certificate, Letter of Congratulations from the President of the United States, as well as a Letter of Congratulations from the Presidents Counsel in the White House. Vida said, "I am overwhelmed and please to know that my charity work and Crusade for the Afghan woman has been acknowledged and honored by the President of the United States!"

Ms. Samadzai started her Crusade in 2003 when she bravely entered into the Miss Earth Pageant as Miss Afghanistan defying the Taliban wearing a two-piece red swimsuit with the message, "The Afghan women are beautiful and intelligent. Let the suppressed Afghan women shed their burkas and return Afghanistan back to the way it was before the Taliban took over Afghanistan!"

Vida was born and raised in Afghanistan for 15 years before her family escaped the Taliban and fled to the United States where she now has dual citizenship. Vida says when she was growing up in Afghanistan the women did not wear burkas and her mother was a teacher and her father was a government official.

In April of 2005, Vida Samadzai was crowned Ms. America in Southern California. The pageant was based on Beauty of Face, Interview and Charity Service. Vida impressed the judges with her Crusade for the Afghan women and for all of her charity work around the world. Vida said, "Receiving the title of Ms. America 2005-06 is a great honor and I would like to use this title along with my Miss Afghanistan title to continue my Crusade in America and around the world!"

Vidas grandfather recently passed away and was deeply upset when she could not attend the funeral. A royal man, he was a minister in King Zahir Shah's period. But because of Vida's Crusade and the recent killing of the female journalist. She was advised against her attending the funeral in fear that she would be hunted down and killed by the Taliban.

Currently Vida is famous actress and model in India where she can been seen in several movies and commercials worldwide.

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