United States donates US$ 26 million for food aid in Afghanistan

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Yesterday welcomed a US$26 million in-kind contribution from the United States government to provide food aid to the most vulnerable people of Afghanistan.
"This generous contribution from the United States and its people will assist millions of Afghans, including those affected by emergencies, such as floods, drought and landslides, and those displaced by fighting," said Rick Corsino, Country Director WFP Afghanistan.

"It will also assist the unemployed living in the most food insecure parts of the country.", he added.

The donation of 48,000 metric tons of wheat will be distributed to poor Afghans involved in a variety of WFP projects, Corsino said.

"Through donations such as this one from the United States, WFP is helping the Afghan government and people build a better future, even while other groups seem intent on making life worse for the neediest Afghans," said Tony Banbury, WFP's Regional Director for Asia.

Under Food-for-Work, communities are paid in food to build or repair roads, rebuild canals and plant trees.

Food assistance will also be distributed in selected areas prior to the onset of winter, when prolonged cold and snows restrict access for hundreds of thousands of Afghans.

The WFP's three-year $378 million Afghanistan operation has received 61 per cent funding so far. The donors included the United States ($116 million), the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund ($28.3 million), India ($24.5 million), Canada ($10.4 million), Japan ($9.2 million), the Netherlands ($7.3 million), Switzerland ($3.9 million), Italy ($2.3 million), Luxembourg ($2.1 million), Saudi Arabia ($2 million), Belgium ($1.5 million), France ($1.3 million) and Germany ($1.3 million).

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