Explosion kills ANP and children in Helmand province

An explosion at an Afghan National Police (ANP) Patrol Base in Sangin district of Helmand province, thought to be an improvised explosive device, killed two children and two members of the ANP.
The explosive device was hidden in a wooden cart and exploded without warning, said in a statement realeased by ISAF here.
The explosion also seriously injured another child and a further member of the ANP, said in the statement.
Despite both receiving the best possible medical care in an ISAF hospital, the ANP officer has since died of his wounds.
The child’s father was also injured and is with his child at the hospital. “This cowardly attack by the Taliban is further evidence of their lack of regard for the lives of ordinary Afghan people and their intent to attack and disrupt the legitimate security forces of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,” said Lt Col Mike Smith, Regional Command South Spokesman.
"we will not stop rebuilding of our homeland" said Omar Gul, a resident of Sangin district to afghanmania.
He said he was a witness of that explosion.
"Taliban don’t want our freedom and peace, they try to make us scared, but we will keep our struggle" he added.
Bilal Basharat

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