Weapons & Narcotics discovered and confiscated

Bilal Basharat from Kabul
Yesterday, Police of Takhar Province managed to capture thousands of KGs of illegal Drugs with some weapons, Interior Ministry's Media office told Afghanmania today.
According to ministry's officials, 4,636Kg Heroin, 53,77Kg Hashish, Two PK machine guns, 17 Daggers, One Mekaroaf pistol, 6 accessories for launching RPG, Two wooden accessories of AK rifles and a number of AK rifle bullets were captured.

This big achievement for police is due to search of two homes in ninth regional district of Taluqaan city , two accused men have been arrested related to this case and the case is under investigation by the police, they said.

Deputy Minister of Counter Narcotics Lt: General Muhammad Daud ((Daud)) said:
Capture of Smugglers and anticipation of cultivation, Production and smuggling of narcotics is one of strategic aims of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in the Society and all over the world.

Bilal Basharat

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