National Police releases two Foreign Hostages

Kabul (June 6) Bilal Basharat
Interior Ministry claimed their Police released two foreign nationals held as hostage in Farah province by Kidnappers.

Said in a statement released by Interior Ministry here on tuesday, June 5.

According to the statement, the hostages were released in operations conducted by National Police in Pushte Road district of Farah Province.

The hostages namely Aziz Muhammady son of Ahmad Baig and Nabi Tamashi son of Daraab residents of Dare Haft Chashma Ostaan-e-Larestan of the Islamic republic of Iran.

In addition these two men were kidnapped by a group of Kidnappers four months ago.

police has arrested four suspects in this case, and two other kidnappers had escaped before police entered the spot, said in the statement .

Ministry of Interior positively evaluates the release of these two men in police’s duty and endeavors to limit the activities of Criminals and secure both National and Foreign citizens, added in the statement.

By Bilal Basharat, AfghanMania correspondent in Kabul

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