17 Development Projects for 7 Provinces

Mohammad Ehsan Zia, Minister for Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD), signed 17 development projects with private construction companies at his office meeting room.
These projects include the construction of: 2 clinics, 4 schools - each school will have rooms for 8 classes- 3 high schools, 4 new roads, asphalting of 2 roads, water reservoir and the construction of a protection wall. They will be implemented in the districts of 7 provinces, mainly in Badghis, Faryab, Farah, Bamyan, Baghlan, Balkh and Badakhshan.

“The immediate benefit of these projects is that they will create 5,310 working days which will benefit hundreds of individual and their families for between 6 to 24 month period and the longer term benefit would be that thousands of people in the districts of these provinces -for some, for the first time- will have access to health, education and clean-drinking water facilities- most importantly, they will be able to bring their produce and goods to the markets with ease”, said the Minister.

Seven of these projects will be implemented in the province of Faryab, 4 in the province of Badghis and the rest will be implemented in other 5 provinces mentioned above.

The total value of these projects is USD 6,253,608 and it comes from the Counter Narcotics Trust Fund (CNTF) and the MRRD’s National Area Based Development Programme (NABDP) and it is being executed by the Ministry.

By building health clinics, schools, clean drinking water networks, roads, and other social and technical projects; MRRD is not only improving the livelihoods of the rural people of Afghanistan, but it is also creating job opportunities for them.

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