On 19 April 2006, Tolo TV started official proceedings against the Attorney General of Afghanistan, Abdul Jabar Sabet, through a formal complaint to the Supreme Court of Afghanistan. The complaint identifies at least 11 potential breaches of the law by Mr Sabet, his deputies, the Commander of District 10 Polices and his deputies and possibly even the Ministry of Interior, relating to the illegal raid and detention of Tolo TV staff on the night of 17 April 2007. The potential crimes are of the utmost seriousness and directly affect issue of rule of law and sustainability of democracy in Afghanistan, especially given that they may be perpetrated by a person holding the highest operational legal position in Afghanistan.
Among the demands of Tolo TV, include:

- The immediate suspension of Mr Sabet and his co-workers implicated in the incident, including the Commander of District 10 Police pending the finalisation of investigations referred to below

- The confiscation of the passports of all those referred to above who have foreign passports, including Mr Sabet, and barring their exit from the country pending finalisation of the investigations below (the confiscation of passport and preventing these parties from leaving Afghanistan must be through a Court order)

- A full and comprehensive investigation of all those responsible for the events of 17 April 2007, including Mr Sabet, his deputies and advisors, the Commander of District 10 Police and his deputies. The investigation has to be carried out in a transparent manner by a person who is duly qualified and does not have a conflict of interest.

- Compensation for defamatory comments and libellous action, and general damages.

The Supreme Court has indicated that they take the complaints of Tolo TV extremely seriously and will take whatever action is required by law.

The above complaints are from Tolo TV and do not preclude individual staff of Tolo TV launching their own separate legal proceedings.

Tolo TV is especially concerned about the possible flight of Mr Abdul Jabar Sabet from the jurisdiction, especially given his Canadian passport, and demands all appropriate action be taken by Government authorities to prevent this happening until after all investigations are complete.

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