Afghan Media- International (AMN)- AMN Institute launched in Kabul

Afghan Media International (AMN) announces “AMN Institute” to provide trainings and build the capacities and leadership skills of the young generation of the country, government and non-government employees, and the internationals, in media & journalism, political sciences, languages and literature, information technology and management sciences.
AMN Institute will function through the active participation of the young and senior professionals in collaboration with the Academy of South Asian Studies (ASAS) in India in an organized and systematic manner using the advanced digital tools and equipments providing adequate visual training opportunities to the students. These training and educational programs will be provided in Pashto, Dari and English Languages in short-term (3 months and 6 months) and long-term (1 year and 2 years) certificate and diploma programs.

In media and journalism section the topics will be covered in the areas of: news-casting, announcing, public-speaking techniques, news reporting, television journalism, radio journalism, print journalism, photo journalism, online journalism, public relations and mass communication, in languages and literature section: writing skills, grammar, news writing, conversation, translation methods, book writing and research methods, writing modern official letters, letters and emails in Pashto, Dari, Arabic and English. In the political science section: political science, international relations, diplomacy, and international politics and in the section of information and management sciences courses on the: management sciences, financial management, accounting, events management, statistics, probability, and various topics of the information technology will be offered.

In addition to its regular classes AMN Institute offers distance learning programs for those who are unable to participate in the regular classes. The institute has the capacity to enroll 1200 students in the regular classes program and 3000 more students in its distance learning program (total of 4200 students).

The syllabus of the Institute is developed keeping in view the national and international universities, media and educational institutions’ educational programs, publications and broadcastings.

The initial expenses of the institute are arranged by the leadership of AMN and the latter expenses will be covered through the fees of the students.

AMN believes that the lack of educational and academic institutions in Afghanistan is one of the major causes of the youth unemployment and their low educational level. Each year tens of thousands of the school graduates are remained deprived of higher education opportunities, however, if we apply the international best practices and experience and engage more youth through distance learning programs, we will be able to build the capacities of these young people and tremendously contribute to the reduction of unemployment.

AMN Institute is started to address the issues, so it can provide its share of contribution to Afghanistan’s national development process, and can play a major role in building professional leaderships for the future of the country. The Institute is introducing and looking forward to promoting the distance learning system in the country so that the young people and those interested in learning and education are having adequate opportunities to develop their personal and educational skills and take part in building a prosperous Afghanistan.

Afghan Media International (AMN) is an independent, non-political, non-profit social organization established in 2001 by group Afghan journalists, intellectuals and educators and officially registered with the Ministry of Justice in 2003. AMN since its launch has been engaged in the areas of production for national and international print and electronic media, human rights developing program, journalist information, training and capacity building, and employment programs.

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