Inauguration of Andkhoi to Qurghan Road, Andkoi district, Faryab province

The Andkhoi to Qurghan Road, in Andkoi District in the Province of Faryab, which has been completed by the EC project will be inaugurated by H.E. Abdulhai, Deputy Minister Capacity Building of MRRD. In this ceremony attendees will include the authorities of the NRAP, EC delegation, the Province of Faryab, UNOPS, and provincial and community influential people will be present.
The length of this road is 4.1 km, including 2 culverts. Through this road project 12,000 working days have been generated and 14,000 inhabitants along the road are receiving economical and social benefits from this road. This road was funded by the European Union with an amount of $ 240,997.

Surface treatment of this road is DBST (Double Bituminous Surface Treatment), which is applied for rural roads with average traffic use of light loaded vehicles. The cost of a DBST road is nearly the same as a gravelled road and around 70 percent cheaper then an asphalt road. Meanwhile the whole life cycle quality of it is much higher than a gravelled road and requires less maintenance. Based on rural road planning, the NRAP-EC 204 km EC funds rural roads.

The inauguration ceremony is planned at the start of the road in Andkhoi district at 11:00 AM on Sunday, 4 February 2007.

NRAP is implemented jointly by the MoPW and MRRD. Through this national program more then 9,000 km rural roads have been constructed or rehabilitated.

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