Lemar TV - The new light for Afghanistan is Lemar

Lemar is Afghanistan’s newest TV station, launching this evening it is the first to dedicate its programming to news and current affairs. Afghan owned and operated, Lemar is the third broadcast entity in the media group which includes the leading ARMAN FM and TOLO TV stations.
“At Lemar our focus is on independent reporting of local, regional and international news and events. We will combine news with in-depth reporting and current affairs, as well as other programming with educational themes.

“Lemar’s inception is recognition of the growing information needs of Afghan audiences. We know from our experience with ARMAN and TOLO that Afghan’s are hungry for apolitical, independent and reliable coverage of news and events,” said Saad Mohseni, Director of Lemar.

Lemar is taken from the Pashto word for Sun and will broadcast news services in Pashto, Dari, Urdu and English, the only station to offer such inclusive programming in the ethnically diverse region.

Pashto presenter and news producer Mujahid Kakar said “We know people don’t want prejudiced or one-sided information, the challenge for us as journalists is to maintain the standards of fair, unbiased reporting that our audiences are calling for. Shining a light, the sun, on our country, the region and the world for the people of Afghanistan is one of the most important things I could be doing professionally at this point in time in our redevelopment.”

Lemar’s first broadcast will include an Afghan Independence Day special, incorporating President Karzai’s national address to mark the day. Lemar will reach the same national and regional audiences as its sister stations via free to air terrestrial on channel UHS 31 and satellite from 1st September.

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