Afghan Star Series 2 to launch in late August

TOLO TV, Afghanistan’s leading television station is set to launch the second series of the popular talent quest, Afghan Star.
The first series attracted over 1000 applicants in five cities including 4 female performers, one of who made it through to the top 5. Audiences embraced the show which tapped into the talent of young people around the country.

Saad Mohseni, one of the show’s creators and a director of TOLO TV said, “The show’s popularity is a testament to Afghanistan’s continued appetite for cultural and music programs. Afghans traditionally are great lovers of the arts, singers in particular. The intensity and breadth of audience support for Afghan Star has been enormous and its continuation will provide further opportunity to tap in to the real vein of talent that exists in our young people.”

The show traverses through 6 months of auditions and competitions, which will see contestants with no professional singing training or experience pushed and coached to refine all aspects of their performance, from voice to dance and wardrobe. The winner will go on to win a host of cash and prizes as well as a recording contract with the country’s leading production house, Aria Production.

The audition road-show will commence at the end of August and travel to all major cities around the country. Afghans from Iran and Pakistan will also be invited to compete in the second series.

Afghan Star Series 2 will be sponsored by Roshan. “We are happy to be able to work with TOLO TV in bringing the second series of the Afghan Star. This program has been successful in providing all Afghan’s the opportunity to showcase and develop their talent, in line with Roshan’s commitment in improving the art and cultural values of Afghanistan” says Mr. Altaf Ladak, Chief Marketing Officer of Roshan.

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