A Mine Explodes in a Bus in Kandahar City

KABUL, Afghanistan (June 15, 2006) —Today at 7:30 am, a mine exploded in a bus that was carrying a number of interpreters and workers to Kandahar Airport in Dorahi Kabul neighbourhood in District 5 of Kandahar City.
The mine was formerly positioned in the vehicle and exploded while the vehicle was passing Dorahi Kabul, as a result of this explosion 7 passengers of the vehicle were martyred and 17 others injured.

Police is conducting investigation to identify and arrest the elements of this brutal crime.

Zarar Ahmad, the Interior Ministry, while conveying condolences to the families of the martyrs and wishing immediate recovery for those injured in this incident, said, "This is the act of enemies of peace and stability, we have ordered our police in the province to search and arrest the ones committed this brutal action and bring them to justice."

After the incident occurred, police evacuated the dead bodies and injured to Mirwais Neeka Hospital in Kandahar city.

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