The United States Donates Vehicles to Afghan National Police

A ceremony commemorating the donation of a fleet of vehicles took place today at the Ministry of Interior. The 8567 vehicles, valued $244 million, were donated by the United States in an effort to improve the capabilities and effectiveness of the Afghan National Police.
The ceremony began with the opening remarks by the Director CSTC-A PRD, Col. Adams, who addressed the police for their accomplishments, “there has been a lot of hard work over the past year to ensure this transition was able to take place and all of you should all be proud of your accomplishments.”

Then the Deputy Commander for CSTC-A, BG Gary O’brien, speaking in the ceremony said, “Our goal and commitment is to provide the Afghan Police with quality hardware and training to allow them to properly execute their mission of providing a stable and secure Afghanistan”.

Subsequently, the Minister of Interior Zarar Ahmad, appreciating the donation of these vehicles by the US said, “being well equipped, the ANP can better contribute to maintain security and stability in Afghanistan”.

O’brien and Minister of Interior Zarar Ahmad then signed the documents and passed keys; officially transferring the vehicles to the ANP.

While, the international community is providing equipment and training for the ANP, Afghanistan is providing the warriors and leaders. This is another example of the growth and progress, as Afghanistan works to develop itself into a free and prosperous nation.

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