President Karzai Expresses His Deep Regret at the Unfortunate Incident in Kabul

Arg, Kabul – H.E. Hamid Karzai, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, appealed to the people to remain calm and practise restraint after this morning's traffic accident, which killed 5 people.
According to reports, due to technical faults a Coalition Forces vehicle got out of control in the area of Khair Khana and collided with two other Coalition vehicles and then hit other vehicles that were moving on the road, causing casualties and damages.

Upon hearing the news of the incident the President expressed his deep regret at the unfortunate death of 5 Afghans and prayed for the full and speedy recovery of the injured.

The President immediately summoned the security forces and instructed them to investigate the incident and ask the Coalition Forces for explanation.

The President appealed to the people to remain calm and be patient so that security of the city would not be disrupted.

The President assured the people that Government will do its utmost to protect the lives of the people and their property and no disregard to the lives and well-being of our people will be tolerated.

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