UNAMA Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) training course starts

nternational efforts to help bring stability and peace to Afghanistan must focus on the provincial level in the coming years, UN Special Representative Tom Koenigs stressed on April 23.
“The provinces are key to peace, political stability and long-term reconstruction and sustainable development of the country,” Mr Koenigs told participants at the start of an unprecedented four-day UNAMA Introductory PRT Training course in Kabul.
He said the Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT) will play the key role in helping the Afghan government bring stability to the countryside and in creating an environment which allows for state building, democratization – including rule of law, governance, and human rights and development.

Mr Koenigs also highlighted the importance of coordination and cooperation in international efforts aimed at bringing stability, and said the overarching goals were to strengthen Afghan ownership and build local capacity.

Around 40 civilian and military representatives of nearly 20 countries, including Afghanistan, are taking part in the course, which aims at giving them a similar baseline understanding and knowledge about PRTs in the current Afghan context.
The intention is for the course to be offered on a periodic basis. The training is directed towards future PRT political and development officers, PRT military commanders, headquarters staff dealing with PRTs, and Kabul-based diplomatic and military staff.

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