Kabul Webcam - Watch Kabul Live 24/7

www.ddrafg.com provides an overview of the numerous interrelated, but separate, Post Conflict Reform programs currently operating in Afghanistan.
To further awareness and, in particular, to demonstrate to the outside world that life does carry on normally, it is now possible to watch a web cam streaming live images of Kabul 24/7 – via www.ddrafg.com/webcam.htm.

Kabul’s first web cam, with the assistance of Neda, its IT guru’s and the Ministry of Communications, has been installed and is steaming live pictures for those wanting to look at a much heard of, and possibly misunderstood, corner of the world, or those simply wishing to check out the weather or traffic congestion down town.

Post Conflict Reforms is a collective term for the following programs that have evolved from the five original Security Sector Reform Programs established in 2001 as part of the Bonn Agreement.

DDR Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration of the Afghan Military Forces (AMF).
HWC Heavy Weapons Cantonment
ANA Creation of the Afghan National Army
ANP Reform of the Afghan National Police
APMSD Anti Personnel Mines and Stockpile destruction
DIAG Disbandment of Illegal Armed Groups

Technical web cam information: Your PC or MAC will require java and Active X software to be able to view the web cam – simply click on the icon provided at the bottom of the webpage and follow the instructions.

Remember Kabul is +3 ½ hours ahead of GMT.
If the screen looks dark, City Power must be off.

Further detailed multi media information about Post Conflict Reform topics are on www.ddrafg.com

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