Durand line serves as a line of hate: Karzai

PESHAWAR, Feb 19 (SANA): Dubbing Durand line as a line of hatred Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said he does not accept this line as it has raised a wall between the two brothers.
He said this while talking to the journalists after offering condolence over the death of Khan Abdul Wali Khan.

Karzai described the demise of Wali Khan as an irreparable loss to the whole world, especially for Pakhtuns and other nations in the region. The Afghan president hailed Wali Khan as an unforgettable and towering figure in the region’s political history, who had devoted his entire life to brining prosperity to the people.

The last surviving son of the illustrious Khudai Khidmatgar Movement founder Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan passed away on January 26 after a protracted illness at the ripe age of 89. Wali Khan was not a leader of Pakhtuns in Pakistan alone; he was a venerable figure for all Pakhtuns around the world and that is why I have come here today to represent the Afghan nation in offering condolences to his family, Karzai remarked. Karzai sympathised with Wali Khan's son and ANP central president Asfandyar Wali Khan and Begum Nasim Wali Khan. The bereaved family thanked Karzai for showing so much of respect to the former opposition leader, saying it was reflective of the strong bonds of fraternity between Pakhtuns on both sides of the border.

We appreciate President Karzai's visit, which really signifies that the Afghan nation and we are like body and soul that can never be separated, said Asfandyar Wali Khan.

After offering fateha, Karzai spoke of the issues he discussed with the Pakistani leadership during his three-day visit. In response to accusations by some quarters in Pakistan that Afghanistan was inciting violence in Balochistan, Karzai said his country remained a victim of terrorism and thus unable to foment trouble elsewhere. Unfortunately, Afghanistan itself is suffering terrorism and is unable to create problems for others, reiterated the Afghan leader, who claimed Pakistan had held out a firm assurance to act against miscreants intent upon creating instability in his country.

Karzai assured Afghanistan would not let any one to spoil the relationship between the two nations. We will not allow any country, any government with whom Afghanistan has relations, to interfere in our ties with Pakistan, or to use our soil against Pakistan.

About the killing of three Chinese engineers in Balochistan and its possible links to Afghan warlords and Indian consulates in Afghanistan, the visiting leader said his administration was keeping an eye on such elements. He, however, asserted warlordism and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan were a thing of the past.

Regarding the presence of high-value targets in the region, Karzai admitted there was a need to intensify the exchange of information for the sake of stability in Afghanistan. He also referred to the ongoing reconciliation campaign, spearheaded by former president Sibghatullah Mujaddedi.

The Taliban figures, with no links to al-Qaeda or other terrorist organisations, had been asked to return and find jobs in the government or other institutions, said Karzai, who went on to mention the example of Maulvi Arsala Rehmani.

However, he hastened to explain the offer was not for Mullah Omer, who is answerable to the Afghan people, to the Muslims for the crimes against Islam, stopping children from going to schools.

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