Afghan Star on Tolo TV, A new star to shine in Afghanistan

Afghan Star, Setara e Afghan, premiered on TOLO TV this weekend. In another first for Afghan television from TOLO TV, Afghan Star is a nationwide talent search which will reward the winner with cash and prizes at its grand finale next year.
The search began in Kabul, with over 500 hopefuls queuing for hours to audition before a panel of 3 judges. Further auditions will be held in other regional capitals such as Herat and Mazar in coming weeks.

“We were genuinely touched at the enthusiasm of the contestants. The hope and excitement in that room were so palpable it was infectious,” said judge Hangam.

The final group of 220 contestants will be short listed by the judging panel to 100, with the final winner selected by popular vote.

“Just from our first round of auditions alone, we have seen the youth of Afghanistan reflecting the diversity of our nation with the songs they chose to use. We saw them comfortable with embracing both traditional and contemporary Afghan and international music styles. It not only demonstrates the range of untapped talent in Afghanistan, but the hunger for local music and entertainment,” said Saad Mohseni, Director of TOLO TV.

Afghan Star will broadcast on TOLO TV on Friday evenings. Response to the first screening has been overwhelming.

Afghan Star is sponsored by Roshan, Afghanistan’s leading telecommunications entity.

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