Blast in Afghan Capital Kills One, Wounds Another

KABUL (Reuters) - One man was killed and another wounded when they set off a land mine while digging a well in a war-battered area of the Afghan capital on Saturday, police said.
Kabul police chief Basir Salangi said the blast happened near a police station in Chilstoon in the south of the city. "One has been killed and another injured," he said. Police at the scene said the men triggered the mine, which was likely left over from factional fighting in the 1990s, while digging a well. Kabul has experienced several bomb blasts and rocket attacks since the overthrow of the hardline Taliban regime in 2001, some of which have targeted foreign peacekeepers. Four German peacekeepers were killed and 31 others wounded last month in a suicide bombing, while 26 people were killed in a bomb blast in the city center last September. Authorities have blamed the attacks on the Taliban, their al Qaeda allies and followers of a renegade warlord, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.

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