Emrooz tv to launch model casting show for afghan girls in Kabul

Arash Shenasa wants to change the image of Afghanistan and plans to launch a model casting to show "the hidden beauties" of Kabul. The show would be aired by Emrooz-TV in Kabul, about 2000 men and wo

Afghan national television to televise an Egyptian historical drama

The Minister of Culture and Information Abdul Karim Khorum received a historic television Drama from the Egyptian Ambassador in Kabul Mr. K. Sharaf. The Ambassador presented the Minister with a do

Vida Samadzai, Miss Afghanistan 2003 receives award from President of US

Vida Samadzai, Miss Afghanistan 2003 and Ms. America 2005-06 received the Presidential Service Award on July 10, 2007 during a ceremony in Southern California to honor her for her Crusade in helping t

Najibullah Mahmoodi, 25, became the winner of the second season of the talent competition Afghanstar

Afghan Star held millions on the edge of their seats on Friday night as Najibullah Mahmoodi, 25, became the winner of the second season of the nation’s popular talent competition broadcast on TOLO TV.

Afghan Star Series 2 to launch in late August

TOLO TV, Afghanistan’s leading television station is set to launch the second series of the popular talent quest, Afghan Star. The first series attracted over 1000 applicants in five cities includi

Furthering female fitness in Herat

HERAT, 16 May 2006 (IRIN) - Gold’s Gym is one of the most popular sports for women in the western Afghan city of Herat. The first female sports centre to open in this conservative city, it is spearhea

Meet Kabul’s favourite bahu

Every evening at 8.30 life in much of the Afghan capital is suspended for half an hour. Children take a break from homework, their parents and grandparents from the daily grind as Kabul follows the tr

Kabul Webcam - Watch Kabul Live 24/7

www.ddrafg.com provides an overview of the numerous interrelated, but separate, Post Conflict Reform programs currently operating in Afghanistan. To further awareness and, in particular, to demons

The Film Ehsaas (Emotion) sheds light on Afghan exodus

Thousands of Afghans live in Britain, having fled various regimes over the last 30 years. Now for the first time a film has been made about their lives. The 105 bus from London's Heathrow airport

Tajik star breaks post-Taliban silence and rocks Afghan fans

To excited cheers and applause, Tajik singer Maniza Daulat launched a series of concerts in Afghanistan this week, becoming the first female singer to take to the stage in this war-shattered country i

Tight security for Indian film crew ( Kabul Express ) in Afghanistan

With Bollywood actors like John Abraham in Afghanistan, authorities are taking no chances and have tightened security for the film crew following the murder of Indian driver Ramankutty Maniyappan by t

Meet Mirweis, Afghanistan`s pop star Mirweis Nijrabi

KABUL: - For as long as he can remember, 14-year-old Mirweis Nijrabi wanted to be a singer. This slender boy with a bowl-cut hairstyle inherited the tender voice and ambitious drive of his father,

Aishwarya Rai and Mr Bean popular in Kandahar

In the home city Taliban, music and TV were crimes punishable by beatings and jail just a few years ago. As Reuters reports, India's Bollywood and its raunchy song and dance numbers and wet saris comp

Afghan Star on Tolo TV, A new star to shine in Afghanistan

Afghan Star, Setara e Afghan, premiered on TOLO TV this weekend. In another first for Afghan television from TOLO TV, Afghan Star is a nationwide talent search which will reward the winner with cash a

Afghan girl, Hammasa Kohistani crowned Miss England

An Uzbekistan-born teenager has become the first ever Muslim girl to be crowned Miss England. Hammasa Kohistani, 18, said she was delighted to have been selected to represent England in the Miss Wo

Nuristan "land of light" hopes for tourism but darkness remains

PARUN, Afghanistan (AFP) - "It's paradise. You can go hiking, fishing, rafting, birdwatching... in winter you can ski," boasts Mohammed Tamim Nuristani, the new governor of Afghanistan's remote Nurist

A New Hope in Jalalabad

ARMAN FM, Afghanistan’s first and most popular commercial radio station, commenced broadcast in the eastern city of Jalalabad this week. ARMAN FM owes its popularity to a progressive mix of entert

Sonu gears up for Kabul concert!

It is not often that Sonu Nigam agrees to perform live at a concert outside India, with show organizers branding him as the most expensive singer in the industry. However, the otherwise choosy singer,

Tolo TV, Afghanistan's Answer To MTV

Young Afghans are enthusiastically tuning in to pop music. Three years after the collapse of the Taliban regime -- which had banned any music it deemed as "un-Islamic" -- the popularity of pop music p

Bollywood movie in Afghanistan snowed off

KABUL: Snowstorms have delayed the planned premiere in Afghanistan of Bollywood adventure blockbuster “Bullet”, organisers said Sunday. Abdul Latif Ahmadi, head of Afghan Films, said participants

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