afghan and international Politics

Gold medals for Afghan school girls
Taliban take over Swat’s emerald mines
President Candidate
Tariq Ali talking about PAK/AFG - must watch video!!!
What Iran’s Jews Say
Islamic militants, Pakistani spies and Chinese weapons...
support for Gaza
A video clip from the speeches of M.Azim Ulfati in Kabul.
The rest of I love you video by Ulfati
I love you video in this site:
Britain plans to participate in a new project...
To wait for peace,written in English by M.Azim Ulfati
Afghans speak out about the Taliban Massacre of the 27
The Youth of Afghan Weep -is the World Listening?By Ulfati
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$210,000/year Job Oppertunity for Pashto Translators
Long live the Afghan nation.
India Embassy bombing in Kabul
US military are not only putting Bagram prisoners to torture
Afghan Speaking events and presentations internationally
What was the point of Taliban's attack on Karzai?
what time,when not today,and what ,when not Im!?:)
prascuted for using parsian-dari words
home for homeless families
fight corruption
100+ Afghans Killed in suicide Bombing
Afghans in Iran
Tolo TV discusses languages in forged constitution
Al-Qaida responsible from flames?
Military wrote Karzai speech, NDP charges
Not just Taliban have blood on hands
King Zahir Shah. .
Now UK Prime Minister G. Brown’s new team includes David Mil
Now UK Prime Minister G. Brown’s new team includes David Mil
Kharzai is killing innocent uzbak prostentants in Sherbaghaa
Afghan Attorney-General, Abdul Jabbar Sabbit is filled with
Zan Froshi dar Nimruz e Afghanistan
Demonstration against afghan-deportation from IRAN
Peace in Afghanistan ??
Taliban Commander death
Refugees are sending back
Mujahidin Victory Parade
Malalai Joya
Pathanic ISI wanted to conquer Awghanistan for Musharaf
be a little careful
r u ?
Please Read and Sign Petition
Who are the Pashton+tajiks++balutches+Hazara.New DNA-Analyse
Rahim Shah
Awghans (Paschtuns)call for ethnic cleansing
Terror in Afghanistan

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