y do u cry  u knw wat ever happens it happens

dont cry pls

cry cry y so much cry y do we die every moment



Temoryan 7 years ago

Mmm good question I don’t know may be the girls can answer this question :-))

zabrina 7 years ago

just as people feel sad,stressed, happy, angry, guilty,depressed etc…people cry, Crying is a way of expressing emotions for us.I’m overly sensitive and emotional person & I HATE IT!

afghanxm 7 years ago

because of pain. angry and stressed

mariam505 7 years ago

Personally its the only to let my sad feelings out, when someone is in love they like to cry it makes them feel better, when something is not going right people cry, when life isn’t working the way you want it you cry, i duno i guess girls are more senstive than boys, but i’ve seen boys cry, so overall its a way of letting the sad feelings out. :)

bareach 7 years ago

in search of happiness you cry,
in search of sorrow you smile!

Merjan 7 years ago

lol, i can’t cry

Tamana786 7 years ago

If u have any feeling then u will cry one day….Cry isnt just in love….U can cry anywhere and any time….The time to cry isnt prescribed!!!

Princelove 7 years ago


Bibi82 7 years ago

normal that you lol

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