I met my boyfriend in India. He was from Mazar e sharif. Right now he is done with graduation and went back to kunduz because that is where now his family shifted. He had promised me of marriage but now he ignores my texts, my calls.

Another day he sent me a message, accusing me that I got a new boyfriend. I am shattered and devastated by his behavior. I am not Indian. I am also from another country, surviving all alone , dealing with my own struggles. And he is making me feel suicidal. I really loved this guy and even converted for him. But now, I feel I just ruined my life by choosing him. I discovered I am pregnant . He tells me to abort the baby . But I can’t kill my own child!!


Jazabak 5 years ago

OMG! What an ass****!
Never think about suicide that wont solve your problem
It will be hard to raise a child alone without its father but if your family or friends support you, you will manage everything!
Abortion is also not solving a problem if i were i wouldnt abort because the everyone has a chance to live and if you abort, you take away a life

I hope you manage everything and that the guy support you in every step you take

By the way Where are you from because you said you converted to islam or which religion?

Diwa 5 years ago

Diwa 5 years ago

This seems to be a topic just too important to be ignored!

Listen, girl! Life is too valuable to be ended or thrown away, especially for someone who doesn’t care. Your life hasn’t been ruined at all. You are just discovering what life is like – experiences like this are part of life. Instead of giving up or committing suicide in despair you should see this experience as an opportunity to grow or actually to show to yourself how strong you can be in such situations.

Considering your pregnancy, no one has the right to tell you what you aught to do or what you aughtn’t to do, it’s YOUR body and YOUR LIFE. So, if you decide to give birth to this child it’s going to be YOU who’s gonna have to take the CONSEQUENCES: Life would be a lot more difficult for you and especially your fatherless child. You’d have to consider this!
You have to be absolutely sure that you can handle the difficulties you and your child are gonna face. You have to be sure that you would be able to offer your child anything he/she’d need. Otherwise it won’t be a good idea to give birth to a human being whose future might be that uncertain.
As a woman I’d give you the advice not to bear this child under such circumstances. Children need an intact surrounding with the love and care of both, father and mother. As a single parent you would have to rely on the support of a family but you stated you are totally alone in a foreign country, though. Therefore you should care for your own well-being FIRST and then start a family. It would be a lot better to have a caring and loving partner/husband supporting you in your daily life when you’re dealing with a child’s education.

Your boyfriend is not going to return. He wouldn’t be willing to help you with your child if you got it. All you can do now is try to forget him and concentrate on your own life and happiness. Try to get happy, even though you think it’s hard.
LOVE YOURSELF ! It’s worth it… 


N00R 5 years ago

very gud englisch;-)

Diwa 5 years ago

Thank you, Noor jani ! ;-)
I hope I could somehow help Farzana with my advice…?!

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