We do this daily,

What’s your status? – ( What are you doing? ) 

Yea sometimes I like to talk in codes, make things more interesting :P

Anyway, leme explane the rules.


your status is GREEN:

this can be different stuff, like watching movie, being with friends.. just anything fun.
(REMEMBER your status is NOT green if you think making a test is fun!, you’r status CAN’T be green ALL day). Status can only be green if  your up to something FUN!

ok now status YELLOW: 

Your status is yellow when your not sure what you are going to do.
(your chilling thinking what to do).  

status RED:

Your status is red when your none of that. 

Nothing with fun, (like your studying, in class, working stuff like that).

lol sorry if I lost you guys there, but rules are really simple.


My status is RED because I’m studying anatomy/pathology right now.

What’s your status? 


Qandolak19 7 years ago

My status is green I’m with my lovely sister at her backyard

Haffssa 6 years ago

my status is RED, I’m really tired of doing Chores today!

Freba 5 years ago

red, studying physical chemistry

marjan16 5 years ago

Yellow…Not sure what to do after class

feiz 5 years ago

Red,I,m in my bed and I don,t know what to do?

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