I think zafar shamel is the best singer and I hear his songs every day. He looks grat and he has a damn good voice.His songs are really good because I always have to dance to it…haha

what do you thinK??? whoZ your favourite singer???


Princelove 9 years ago

My favorite singer is Shafiq Mureed, ahmad zahir ,

Tarin 9 years ago

My favotite singers are Farhad Darya, Ahmad Zaher, Dilagha Surood, Yousuf Qasemi and some new once lol

SekandarBastani 9 years ago

the best afghan star ever hmmm ahmad zahir!

Princelove 9 years ago


caliguy510 9 years ago

best afghan singer ahmad zahir

Second best Farhad darya

zoye 9 years ago

i think Valy!!!!!
i m not talking about his singing talent for sure he is not the best singer but as a star he took afghan songs, videos and concerts to the next level….....

WaWa 9 years ago

that’s farhad jan e darya!!!

i love his songs because he doesn’t sing only about love..
and he is really very talented!!! The way how he’s acting, singing and make his videos.. awww.. awsomee!! :)

Farid26 9 years ago

sure sure farhad darya shafiq Mured are better as such a new singers

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