A little kid asks his dad ‘’ daddy , how much does it cost to get married?

‘’ No idea’‘ replied the father, I m still paying for it….


marjan16 8 years ago

Seriously English Section of AM is really messy people open weird, useless and stupid threads :-S

faqeer 8 years ago

its not a joke…
cost of marriage is in
sharing ur time…privacy and everything
you sphere of life increases..u ve to suddenly give time to so many ppl…!!!!
the buzz word for such like situations is ADAPTABILITY...

afghanxm 8 years ago

cost of marriage is a lot in Afghanistan

summercat 7 years ago

I think it’S quite funny! Quite a good one buddy!

zabrina 7 years ago

lmaooooo nice jk merci for sharing 

jonoon 7 years ago

funny . no investment is done without a cost and this is the only investment which doubles its value straight away.

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