So what if today we are far apart
U still reside in the hidden corner of my heart
So what if u don’t treat me as a friend any more?
I am learning to smile again; I will be successful for sure,
Whenever I miss u, I just get lost in memories of olden days
I still remember those lovely days, when in ur arms I use to lay

So easily u moved on n now u treat me as stranger
Still i tried to help u out but then u took me as a challenger
Sometimes I feel so hurt that I lock myself in room n loudly I shout
Its u who was wrong, its u who lied, n then its u who have doubts?
My poems were never to blame u, they were just my feeling’s portray
Its u who played with my feeling, then why cant I call ur fake love a betray?

Sometimes I curse my fate, because I met u, because I loved u
My feelings were true, tell me, that’s why am i in blues?
Today, i try to run away from this feeling called love.
Because a heartless person came in my life n acted like a dove,

But the bitter truth is, I am still in love with you
I still wish to spend some moments even if they r few
I cry a lot then try to find u in my tears………….
That crying never gave me pain but brought both of us near
Perhaps unconsciously I am trying to dream of that time
When world will be beautiful, I will be yours n u will be mine
You will be mine……………
You will be mine…………….
You will be mine……………
You will be mine…………….


madskillz 8 years ago

very nice. keep it up

Merjan 7 years ago

Bah Bah… Verry good

specially the last part

drunk 6 years ago

Everyday I try,
To find the reason why
Life is
So cruel to me
Is just so wrong
My heart is frozen,
My soul is dead
Where there was once
Love and hope
There’s only
Sorrow and hate
I don’t know..
Am I alive ?
Am I already dead ?
Cause right now,
For me,
Life and Death
Are just the same.
I never really knew
What it means
To be happy.
But maybe
This is how,
My life,
Was ment to be,
And only death
Shall someday
Set me free..

drunk 6 years ago

Why do I miss you?
everything seemed too good to be true
I thought you would always be mine
it seemed everything was just fine
What is it that I miss?
I miss every hug and every kiss
Why do I miss you?
I can’t forget how it felt to be with you
I can’t forget all the times we had
the good times and the bad
I trusted you with my heart
and now you’ve torn it apart
All the nights up late on the phone
is now time I spend alone
Wishing you were here with me
gives me nothing but misery
So, why do i miss you?
simply because I can’t forget YOU

jamestaylor 6 years ago

i think this poetry is written with broken heart each word of this poetry is too good great poetry with realistic feelings. lost love quotes

drunk 6 years ago

As my life changes,
my feelings are still the same.
although we weren’t perfect
we’re not the ones to blame.
i’m still in love with you
and i’d like to know
if you still love me too.
i wish you were mine still
because no one can fill that spot
in my heart that you seem to fill.

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