Sheerpeera Recipe

3glass of sugar
1glass water

boil it till its ready, basically if you touch it between ur two finger, it sticky…
in a plate or bowl add

3 cup milk powder
2tsp eehl
1/2 cup oil
walnut cut into v small and thin pcs (optional)
mix it all it

when the syrup is ready..add this to it and keep it in the lowest hit and keep mixing it…...until everything is mixed well then put it in plate or whatever u wish to and cut…

Optional u can add some pistachio powder on top of sherpera.

You have to take the syrup right…...if syrup goes wrong that is it…useless…

TIP...if you are not sure of the stickiness of syrup, add few drops in a cold water and see if it keeps itself, if so, its ready if it dissolved with water that its not ready…another thing to do is…add few drop of the syrup in the kitchen table, then see how sticky it is “this is the best way”..If ready add the mixture….


Friendly786 9 years ago

does it has to be milk powder?

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