Rockstar:-Ranbir Kapoor is touted to be the next big star of Bollywood and hence any movie of his gets a good opening.

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jonydec 5 years ago

Of course he is and his options of films are awesome too

Rockstar is looking a blockbuste

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jonydec 5 years ago

Filmfare prizes is the earliest and quickly the most famous prize wedding in Bollywood. The dark-colored woman (Filmfare trophy) is the icon of achievements and achievements in Hindi Movies.
The video clips below are another purpose why the prize display is anticipated every season – the comical and humorous serves that keep the viewers and the tv audiences interested.
This time the serves for the occurrence are Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor. The 57th Filmfare Awards will be broadcasted on Weekend, Nineteenth century of Feb at 8 Pm on Panasonic Enjoyment Television.
Interestingly, while both the stars were competitive against each other, Ranbir Kapoor won both the Best Acting professional experts and well-known prize.
For now, have a look at the marketing video clips. They are very humorous. The two stars are seen creating fun and proposition each other.

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samparker 5 years ago

Of course he is and his options of films are awesome too

yeah you are right …............

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calvinmark 5 years ago

Next upcoming movie of ranbir kapoor is Berfi. I think it is silent comedy. I will watch this movie.

ammysmith74 5 years ago

Hello guys , Ranbir Kapoor is a good Actor . I watched his last Movie Rockstar and I like this Movie. Good Work done by Ranbir Kapoor.Now his upcoming Movie is ““Barfee”“.I think this Movie gets good reward by viewers.


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