Speculation has arisen that at least some of the next Bond movie will take place in Helmand province in Afghanistan after a member of the Foreign Office’s drug task force in the country reportedly signed on as a consultant for the franchise.

According to online reports on James Bond fansites, the official, who has since left the Foreign Office and Afghanistan, is thought to have signed a confidentiality agreement with the filmmakers preventing any discussion of the project.

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lovelymariam 8 years ago

very interesting . . . lets see what happens .
matty 8 years ago

oh the same story mariam jaan they go in and the talban run they go out and then the taliban will be back in helmand classic hollywood story line might we to think there would an afghan bong girl will have to wait and see off course she would wear Burqa hehehe
zoye 8 years ago

so meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lol
matty 8 years ago

what ohh you mean the afghan bond girl with burqa i love to see that in a bond film heheeh
drunk 8 years ago

subhanAllah u guys make fun of ur poor ppl poor women and wanna see a movie where they go and kill ur own ppl how sick and pathetic u ppl are just couple of weeks ago they bombed the whole village killing 150 civilians . sense they couldn’t defeat the brave mujahids now they wanna defeat them in there movies lolz hahahah now i wanna know what happened 2 u ppl do u even care a lil bet for those who lost there lives in that bombing ? why there is no topic discussing that ? instead we are talking about a fag james bond making movie and playing with my sisters and killing my brothers? wowww i well post some videos have a look at it. and feel the pain of losing loved ones and going hungry while ur whole town is being bombed by some foreigner who keep repeating i am there 2 free u . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThT3u4TWuY8&feature=channel_page




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