chamkanai 7 years ago

i thinks it was an invitation by Taliban . in that time usama and mulah umar was friend with USA and they take money and weapon from CIA and fight to name of Islam and kill Farsi wan people in north of Afghanistan . and then when 90% of Afghanistan was capture by TALIBAN and 10% WAH KHAN AREA left , WHA KHAN AREA was too difficult for Taliban to walk to mountain over 5000 meter . . then they call pentagon to come take the country . and the Taliban was front and they American military was in behind of them step by step and take over all Afghanistan . first Taliban thinks that karzai or American they share government with them , even Taliban thinks that may American can share the income of opium and heroin of Afghanistan all with them … but when American and karzai don’t care about them . the pick up the gun and start over again . and then when Taliban saw that CIA not care any more about them . . they go to ISI and Pakistani government and mix with them to take Afghanistan and share country with Pakistani . few month back Israel also send 10000 TOWRAT with same Israeli to change the religion of Taliban . the pay to any Taliban 8000 us $ who change there religion and they change a lot of Taliban religion already .

drunk 7 years ago

u have changed ur name
over and over and over again
and keep repeating the same damn thing
with out no proof lolz
bring proof of what you say or ur claims does not hold water

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