Hi everyone, I need your help and advice. I am from India and dating one afghan guy since last one year.

We both are muslims, so I dont understand why he says our marriage is not possible. Although he sweared he is not engaged or married to anyone else back in afghanistan. He says his family wont accept. At the same time, I have had to change various aspects of my life for him. to keep him happy.

He has only few months left for graduation. after that its not certain whether he will go to afghanistan or stay in India. He said if I raise the topic of marriage again, he will break up. another time he said if its in luck, he will marry me. whats all this?


farzana005 5 years ago

I really dont wana lose him. I am learning dari for him. I am learning to cook afghani food. I am willing to do many things, only to have him forever. Cant live without him. I havent had a bf before him and i dont want also. anyone here pls suggest me

farzana005 5 years ago

As it is said, “Everything is fair in love and war”, I am willing to do anything to ensure I dont lose him

AfgMalika 5 years ago

maybe its better to repent from this action of having a haram boyfriend ams making haram things and then marry in a halal way. because having a boyfriend and making haram actions is not islamically good.
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