Many wigs can look very natural. Bangs are usually the best way to go to hide the front edge, but you can get a lace front if you do not want to go the bangs route. The lace front is a super fine mesh that when manufactured correctly is undetectable (the hair looks like it is growing from your scalp). You then tape or glue the front down daily, but this shortens the life of the piece. Some <a href=” “> wigs </a> have the option of a replaceable lace front so that when the front wears out you can send it in and they will put a new front piece on rather than having to replace the entire thing. Synthetic wigs generally do not hold up as long as human hair wigs from a frizz-factor standpoint. One of the nice things about a full wig is that you don’t have to mess with coloring or blending your own hair, you just plop it on, style and go.


Rogue 7 years ago

HELL YEA..I have always wanted a wig :P ahh man but the thing is my credit sucksI need to find a way to get some financing for this wig :P

only real men wear wigs :P

zxc123 6 years ago

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