Who is the most suitable personality to lead Afghans in transition phase

1.  Hamid Karzai

2.  Mulla Umer

3.  Abdullah Abdullah

4.  Younus Qanoni

5.  Karim khalili

6.  Gulbaden Hikmutyar

7.  Ustad Rabbani

8.  Mir wais Yasini

9.  Afghan Royal family

10. Any other


D0cT0r 7 years ago

I don’t trust them and they are all with no mind Afghanistan needs a new leader from new generation dude

moo 7 years ago

Oh god do you still believe on those people faqer

D0cT0r 7 years ago

I think most of these pple some kinda used to be leader in Afghanistan but they just looked after their pocket instead of pple and country …

faqeer 7 years ago

you all voted for option nbr 10…

Shamsulaq 7 years ago

All of them slaves of the Kafirs Hell to all of them

NEVERGIVEUP 7 years ago

Nomber 3 dr.Abdullah Abdullah . thats my ID ..

mariam505 7 years ago

I think it will be me :)

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