English Guy looking to marry Persian girl, thoughts please?

I am a British male and am currently engaged to a Persian girl. Her parents do not fully know we are dating let alone are engaged, but we are in love and want to have children together. Her parents have forbid her from dating someone from the same culture. She is prepared to not speak to her family as I have explained I will provide a house for us and will always look after her and make sure she is okay. I want to approach this forum and hope someone can give some advice on how best we should proceed, without the advice of “you can’t this is forbidden” her parents sadly have an old outlook on life and aren’t open to the idea that people like myself from Europe can look after their daughter and care for her.
Many thanks in advance to you all.


WaWa 5 years ago

persian girl? then she is not afghan, and iranian are very liberal.. you shouldn’t have any problems to merry her :)


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