Do u believe in fortune teller or palm reader? have u ever gone to fortune teller or palm reader? yes/no nd reason 



mariam505 7 years ago

This is a really interesting topic that you have posted, I am only 17 and haven’t really spent much time in AFG... but once I remeber a palmer reader came round she was also selling bangels… then my aunty told her to read my palm…. tbh most of the stuff she said about me was correct and especially about my dad and my older sister, it is really creepy, I can’t for sure say i believe in them :L but I have never been to a fortune teller :L maybe they are true, becuase at the time when Khadija and Muhammad PUBH, the sgins in muhammad pubh, were controversal then they went to a fortune teller he/she said he was to be the prophet… maybe it was different at the time…

zabrina 7 years ago

I don’t believe in Palm reading or fortune telling..Only Allah swt knows our future.My sister was obsessed with fortune teller and palm readers until she got married then she stopped wasting her money on fortune tellers,psychic, palm readers etc…fortune tellers are fake

drunk 7 years ago

palm reading is shirk associating partners in Allah the prophet mohammad peace be upon him said any one who believes in palm reader or fortune tell her or now days horscope and all those fortune cookies they have disbelieved in me

marjan16 7 years ago

exactly believin’ in fortune tellers or palm readers izz committin’ Shirk but why do Muslim goes to fortune tellers or to read their palms? mostly afghans aren’t they Muslim?

marjan16 7 years ago

there’s dis story saying “Fortune teller has a friend from jinns….i don’t remember da story if you anyone know or heard of dis story then plzzzz post it

Qandolak19 7 years ago

I don’t believe in it but I’ve been to fortune tellers twice ages ago

Rogue 7 years ago

I don’t really believe in it but….....I can’t help myself sometimes and always wonder =)

Merjan 7 years ago

What about fal hafez

drunk 7 years ago

even fall e hafez is shirk and the prophet mohammad peace be upon him said
any one who has believed in those ppl have believed in me
its one of the major shirks
any fortune telling fall palm reading and asking from the grave and fortune cookies and horscope and all taht stuff which tells you the future or tries to tell you the future is shirk shirk shirk there is no doubt about that its clear from the hadith of the prophet mohammad peace be upon him
now shirk is the beggist sin one can do
shirk is worst then drinking alcohole
worst then adultery zina
worst then any other crime
cuz Allah says i will forgive any sin i want but shirk i well never forgive
this is a very clear warning
may Allah save us from it ameen

amandamichelle 5 years ago

Some atheist doesn’t believe in fortune telling; nor does he believe in gods, spirits, ghosts, and the efficacy of snake oil. Here’s why:

You can only reasonably consider that the future has been foretold, if you do not know what the prediction is before it occurs. This is why all biblical prophecies are worthless. In your Mother’s case, it isn’t as though the prediction/forecast was put in a sealed envelope, and buried for many years; your Mother actually knew what the prediction was, she had a large measure of control over her future, and this indubitably influenced the outcome. To that extent, her “fortune” was worthless and I hope it was free. Nothing you describe is particularly exceptional. The remarkable feature is that you seem to treat your Mother’s story seriously.

This is not to say that we should not try to predict the future using measurements and historical evidence, but forecasting is a very inexact science, and a far cry from fortune telling: economic predictions are notably unreliable but that does not mean we should give them up. Earthquake forecasting is also a worthwhile activity but it certainly isn’t fortune telling, either: it’s projecting the future from past measurements.

May I suggest that, now you are an atheist, you should adopt a much more critical attitude to stories you hear?

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nickmea 5 years ago

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