whats the diffrenr between culture and custom?

how we can save our cultures?plz share ur ideas.

culture is what makes nationalty.


mariam505 6 years ago

This is a very interesting topic, One of my favourites things to talk about, I personally think that we do not really need a culture, but it is very controversial to believe such a thing, because of our culture! It is so wired when I say culture, if we actually think about it culture simply means shared values of living, Islam is our culture, I would love to know how culture originated, although as much as i love to be a pashtanaa, but if you think about the cultural stereotypes of women in our afghan culture, they are far to extreme to a certain extent in the view of Islam,
It is lovely to have a culture, and you are right to a certain degree that culture gives you nationality, but that would be country, then it would go on to culture… bla bla
HOWEVER, if you look at it from this angle, where for instance I go out wearing a hijab and dresses with trousers, would people think I am an Afghan or a muslim?
Instantly they will think I am a muslim,’ therefore Islam, religion gives us or main identity, i think culture and customs are good but there is not need to add tale and bits and bobs to your religion, I do respect our culture and I do follow it, however I do think sometimes it violates islam e.g the killing of a loved one for an act of dishonour that killing was not even the punishment…. it happens alot in afg… I watch a film called ‘’act of dishonour’’ and I know it was exaggerated but we can get a glimpse of what it must be like, if things like that did not happen then where did the ideas came from…
I personally believe that islam is my culture,it gives us our day to day basises of guidance, and I love that fact we are MUSLIMS! Ullhamdulah, because that is our main identity and identity is what you need to be known for who you are.
Culture is what makes us what we are. Culture has a great doing in our lives; makes us do things that separates’ us from each other. Culture influences a human being the moment they are born. The way we eat, the way we dress, the way we talk, the way we act is all got to do with culture. It’s a type of religion that’s passed down from generation to generation and at each generation it differs.
Customs are a traditional and widely accepted way of behaving or doing something that is specific to a particular society, place, or time.

ohh god that was such a longg easyy

jonoon 6 years ago

culture culture culture! To have or not to have? Islam for a muslim is the smartest way of life. Do what islam says not what thick Mollahs.

cash 6 years ago

custom part of culture and about religion, there are many different ideas. for example some says culture is a part of religion and some say religion is part of culture… i am agree with second thought that religion is part of culture, because we have many thing now in our life which had existed before islam. it is a long debate and it needs more time… but it is difficult to seperate cultulre from religion, i mean sometimes it is difficult to say , it is culture or religion, except one should refer to Quran and Hadis and what isalm says about it …) there are many examples. if you read the religions before islam then you can see how the other religions influence in our daily life, but islam has the most part in our culture… religion, history, language, art and literature… all of them has thier own influence and part in culture…

drunk 6 years ago

this is very strange that our so called educated ppl have come in power those who have raised the flag of keeping afghani culture alive yet those are the same criminal minded who have shaved the hindo culture down the throat of afghans by constantly putting hindo movies and hindo songs and hindo dramas on afghan tvs and promoting nudity and idol worshiping and sex all in the name of freedom and democracy so afghan culture afghan religion al islam and afghan way of life is not only in dengere but there are enemies working actively to destroy that a society is run by its youth and if the youth go one way the socity well go that way and right now our youth are the target and some ignorant fools have failed to realize that so keep on watching hindo movies and and hindo way of life in your tv 24/7 and talk about afghani culture lets see if there could be any changes by Allah there wont be any changes for as long as we are like hypocrites we watchi hindo movies and we spend at least 5 hrs daily watching thier way ofl ife and culture and 5 minutes talking about our own culture it well soon disappear

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