Biggest problem faced by today’s Afghanistan is..

1. Foreign Interference

2. Lack of National Institutions

3. Ethnic and Sectarian divide

4. Non Availability of Infrastructure

5. Dispersed Afghan Intelligentsia In Europe & North America

6. Afghan Warlords

7. Narco   Money

8. Poor Infrastructure

9. Any Other


Rogue 7 years ago

number 9…. yo mama SON!!!

Rogue 7 years ago

nah im jk :P pretty much all of them lolz

Rogue 7 years ago


N00R 7 years ago

sorted descendent:

faqeer 7 years ago

if 5 is the biggest hurdle..then who would make the environment conducive for Afghan diaspora to return nd play their part? I think present regime lacks the capacity and will to do so…the best option would be the Afghan non state actors to contribute nd all the mess shouldn’t be left on weak and fragile government

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