“lol ove u need a a fresh salmon

corrinder a banch
mint fresh mint a smaller bunch
3 fresh lime
a bit of chilli if you like fresh
black pepper
and any other thing you wand add as you fancy
you need some thin potate pill aswell

perper the fish in a try
put the potato pill around it
juice you lime and put it in the food mixer along the mint cooiander, garlic, salt, black papper, chilli and anyother thing you wish to add mixed it untill it turns into a green juice and pour it over fish marinate for 30 minute
and pre heat oven to 180-200 back for 25 minut check after 25 if nee it more leave it for 5 more

take the fish out the try and place it in a suitable dish and serve with rice or how you like”

I have seen this interesting recipe earlier on the forum. I was wondering if there is any way of cooking this without putting the fish in the mixer? looks taaaasty. Thanks


Friendly786 9 years ago

thanks for the info i will try it …

but what kind of dish is it .. i mean is it afghan

Joyajh 9 years ago

I have tried it this weekend and it’s beyond word. anyone interested be careful with adding too much lime..it’s a fine line between tasty and “limey”Great recipe. Highly recommend
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