Bolani is a traditional Afghani flatbread stuffed and baked with either spinach, pumpkin, red potato, or green lentil filling. Bolani is usually served warm and as a side-dish, appetizer, Hors d‘œuvre, or even as a main dish. It is the perfect diet food because not only are they low in carbohydrates, calories, and fat, they are high in nutrition such as protein, fiber, and vitamins. Bolanis are also ideal for vegans or those looking for healthy alternatives to meat products.

FEAST 1: Great for appetizers and small meals:

-6 Bolani Packs with 2 per pack for a total of 8 Spinach Bolani (most popular), 2 Lentil, 2 Pumpkin
-2 Fresh Dips in 8 Oz Containers: 1 Garlic Mint Cheese and 1 Cilantro Chutney
-1 10 Oz Sweet Jalapeno Jelly: the perfect sweet and spicy jam for Bolani and many other dishes

FEAST #2: Save with this party size assortment, perfect for stocking up your freezer:

-13 Bolani Packs with 2 per pack for a total of 16 Spinach Bolani (most popular), 4 Lentil, 6 Pumpkin
-4 Fresh Dips in 8 Oz Containers: 2 Garlic Mint Cheese and 2 Cilantro Chutney
-1 10 Oz Sweet Jalapeno Jelly

Serving Ideas
Combine Garlic Mint Cheese and Sweet Jalapeño spreads on a piece of Spinach Bolani to experience a powerful and elegant flavor combination.

If you like spicy, spread Cilantro Pesto and Garlic Mint Cheese on Spinach or Potato Bolani. The more Cilantro Pesto, the spicier!

Easy to Serve and Store
Bolanis are baked and ready to eat. Best served warm. Heat each side for 3-4 minutes on a nonstick pan on medium heat or in a conventional oven at 375 fo 5 minutes. Refrigerate 2 weeks or freeze longer.

All the spreads are vegan with the exception of Garlic Mint Cheese. They are all preserved with natural ingredients such as garlic, lemon juice, vinegar, citric acid. All can be frozen except for the Garlic Mint Cheese which keeps several months refrigerated.

GROUND SHIPPING is available as we freeze and pack the bolani and sauces to arrive safely even cross country.


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