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Shirin2012Shirin2012 Salam. Best Dish
one year ago
4 one year ago
by feiz
romivendourromivendour limo in milton
one year ago
0 one year ago
by romivendour
GreatMountainGreatMountain Alternative recipe for fresh salmon
5 years ago
Subjects: food Salmon recipe tasty
2 2 years ago
by qweasd
kronenkorkenkronenkorken beer or soft drinks bottle caps from Afghanistan
4 years ago
Subjects: beer germany
5 2 years ago
by wsx111
JoyajhJoyajh Kofta recipe to make tonight dinner
5 years ago
Subjects: Kofta Challow dinner delicious
1 2 years ago
by qaz12
mikiawolimikiawoli turkish capital
4 years ago 3 ... 9
82 2 years ago
by azizwatadar
sanam11sanam11 favorite afghan food
4 years ago 3 ... 6
53 3 years ago
by roshangul
johnberg6001johnberg6001 Wouldn't it be amazing to watch in fast forward your evolution from a single cel
3 years ago
1 3 years ago
by jonoon
mikiawolimikiawoli best afghan food .
4 years ago 2
12 4 years ago
by mikiawoli
PrincelovePrincelove Afghan Bolani Feast Packs.
4 years ago
0 4 years ago
by Princelove
HafsAHafsA ~Jacket potatoe~
5 years ago
Subjects: food
1 4 years ago
by lisha
Friendly786Friendly786 how to make rasmalai
5 years ago
Subjects: rasmilai yummy
5 4 years ago
by Princelove
HafsAHafsA Sheerpeera Recipe
5 years ago
Subjects: food
1 5 years ago
by Friendly786
HafsAHafsA Yummy Basbosa
5 years ago 2
Subjects: food
14 5 years ago
by lovelymariam
HafsAHafsA upside down pizza!
5 years ago
Subjects: food
0 5 years ago
by HafsA