Go out alone - gurls are u really sure about it lolzz


Romall 46 years ago

Go out alone - gurls are u really sure about it lolzz

Friendly786 46 years ago

great msg to all the gurls out there...

girls rock!!!

thanx kabo i love u n miss u

kabotareshq 46 years ago

1- put herself 1st

That’s right: not her kids, not her partner, not her colleagues, not her boss: herself.  Our natural ability to support, care for and empathise with others is our greatest strength, ladies – but not when it’s at the expense of ourselves. So how about a little me time, eh? Say, for the next… ooh… ten years?

2- leave the house without makup on

Make-up is the mask we wear every day – especially if you’re a clown - so taking it off can feel extremely scary. But you know what? You probably look better without it. No, really. Take baby steps: try walking to the end of the street sans slap. Now go to the local shops. See? It’s easy

3-walk in high heels

Because stilettos are sexy, they make your legs look longer – and the sight of a woman striding confidently in them is, as Jack Lemmon said as he admired Marilyn Monroe from behind in Some Like It Hot: “like jello on springs”. ‘Nuff said.

4-walk in flat shoes

Because while there’s nothing more attractive than a pair of legs with stilettos at the end of them, there’s nothing more unattractive than a woman who can’t walk properly in them. Flat shoes are practical, and they make you appear more down-to-earth. Literally.

5- drive

I know it might seem incredible that a woman of the noughties wouldn’t know how to drive, but the writer of this article doesn’t. Mind you, it does make her extra ecologically sound. So, by all means, make sure you can drive - but if you do so, make sure it’s a hybrid. Or a bus.

6- Put flat-pack furniture together

Men may love putting Ikea furniture together, but surprisingly that’s the only reason why they feel the need to do it. It’s not that they’re more capable. No, really, it’s not. Women have opposable thumbs, too – so let’s use ‘em! (Note: do not attempt to assemble flat-pack furniture with a man. The differing male/female approaches will only end in tears).

7- say NO

Men do it all the time. Even if it’s in the non-verbal way – namely, holing themselves up on the sofa/in a shed/on the toilet. If they don’t want to do something, they’ll just be true to themselves and refuse to do it. It’s very empowering.  And ever so slightly rude and selfish. But mostly empowering

8- Go out alone

Something else which men do all the time. And fancy creative types (you spot them at afternoon matinees in central London cinemas). Want to go to a gig? A gallery? The movies? Go by yourself! It’s all about what you’re seeing, after all – you don’t have to actually talk to anybody. That said, if you’re alone, you’ll have a great excuse to talk to strangers. Who knows who you’ll get chatting to? (Clue: probably one of the blokes who’s gone on his own, too.)

9-Master her own finances

Gone are the days when men controlled our purse-strings, ladies! Mainly because our purses don’t tend to have strings any more - but I digress. You’re earning money? Then make sure you’re on top of your bills, your accounts, your spending… You know, all that boring numbers stuff that bloke on Radio Two goes on about.

10- Keep a blog

Everyone’s doing it. Well, every American woman’s doing it – and they’ve always been just that bit ahead of us, frankly. So take a leaf out of their book and set up a blog - with WordPress, Movable Type or other - about whatever your passion is. Knitting. Photography. Your life. Rambling. (And I mean the latter in the talking, not walking, sense.).

oki my gurlz i wil be postin the nxt 20 when u don reading the 1st 10.

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