Absolutely True ...


Romall 46 years ago

Absolutely True ...

casanovaa 46 years ago

Politices are all always complicated and burning topic and AfghanS often became a victim of foreign political games.

Since Russina War, a war between two super powers and we were dragged into that war by the name of religion. The war was founght in our be loved country, our country was destroyed. Millions of Afghans died, mothers lost their sons, sisters lost their brothers. Millions of children were orphan, millions become homeless and with no futur, did we got anything from tht war? no, absolutly no. Pakistan (dollars)and America(objective) got wht they wanted.

    Once again we are repeating the same mistake there is no war betwwen kufar and muslim my friends foreigners are using us agian for their own interest.

Let me give u a simple mathematical equation.


caliguy510 46 years ago

well i have a feeling that some people here are just upset because it happend in indian embassy.. if it would have happend in other placess we wouldn't even have a topic here.. anyways sad and heart breaking to hear that innocent people's life were lost..

unlike some people i feel the same way no mater where it happens and to whom it happens..

moneer 46 years ago

این کار طالبان مزدور آی اس آی پاکستان است. پاکستان از بدو تاسیس خود همیش به بهانه های گوناگون ضد ترقی و آرامش در افغانستان بوده است. این بار هم استخبارات پاکستان از یکسو بدلیل مشکلات که بالای کشمیر با هند دارد و از سوی دیگر فعالیت های همه جانبۀ هندوستان در بازسازی افغانستان سفارت هند را هدف حملۀ تروریستی قرار دادند.
Romall 46 years ago

har ensan wa musalmane ke 1% dark dorost az ensaneyat dashta bashad ba choneen amaal zesht wa door az Musalmane dast namezand , asle matlab jaye degare ast en frokhta shodagan wa nookaran Panjabi hae Paki namesharman ke daad az Islam wa Deen mezanaan wa dar farjam ba Qatle mother-e wa tefle ahdaf wa khast hae khodra nomayan mesazan ,  tu Agar dar paerawe az Deen  wa Sharehat aste mardana waar dar maidan jang zoor azmae koon na dar shaar wa bazaar ke bahes qatle brother muslamn to gardad...  waye bar hale Mardome bechara wa Ghareb Afghanistan ke hamesh dast khosh seyasat hae khareje shodan .

lovelymariam 46 years ago


 Why cant theses  low life  Murderers understand that all the outcome of this is hurting/killing  innocent childern and ppl who has nothing to do with any of this .What the hell are they trying to prove? ?  ? ? ? ? 

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