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khairullah 46 years ago

 Sorry about the text, I forgot to provide link.

Visit this site you will find many interesting articles:
khairullah 46 years ago

Boy or a Girl a Scientific Fact

A strange question is being handled now. Do the family need a boy or a girl

child? An American university has conducted a research which deals about

 this matter. However, I was discussing the meaning of the Hadith which has

been related by Ibn Katheer. The Hadith says, “If the semen of Man comes

over the semen of a woman, it will produce a male child by the will of Allah

and if the semen of the woman comes over the semen of man it will produce

a female child by the will of Allah”. We send the question related to the material

factor determining the sex of the child to many European countries and USA but we received a negative reply. They did not accept such interpretation. However, just before two years we started finding answer by the help of Zology to assumes

 that there are some signs which proves the significance which we understand

from the above Hadith. Scientists found that the secreted semen of the male

 tends to be acidic while secreted semen of the female tends to be alkaline.

If the semen of both, the male and female get mixed and the alkaline semen of

 the female dominates the acidic semen of the male, the major result of such domination is a female child and vice versa. This research has been

experimented on cows in France so that to increase the members of female cows and the result was that the rate of increase in the oxen was 70% and in female cows

was 30% and therefore they stopped the experiment in its early stages.

 Many great scientists attended the medical conference hold in King Faisal University in Dammam. They said that there is only one person who can answer or interpret the above phenomena but he was in USA. He is Prof. Saad Haliz an Egyptian Muslim. Later on we met him and he introduced himself as the initiator of a new science

 called the science of Men’s sterility. He is the president of the editorial staff of

 two magazines and wrote about 34 books. He made a thorough study of the

semen of Man and Woman for about ten years by the use of the electronic microscope and the computer. He reached to a conclusion that the semen of

 man is acidic and that of the woman is alkaline. When the two semen meet, and if the dominant content was acidic it produced a male child and vice versa. Allah is

Great. I told this Egyptian scholar that what he found had been said by the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) before more than fourteen centuries. I told him that the whole issue depends on the will of Allah as the meaning of Hadith indicates. Because

 there are many people who tried to determine the sex of his offspring but he

got the opposite of his desire. He agreed with me in this issue and added that

many people did desire to beget many children, but their wives begot more that

what they desired. Thus the content of the above Hadith has been confirmed by modern science and the will of Allah also has been confirmed modern science.

 Source: “You ask about the miracles of Quran and Sunna an Shaikh El Zinadi answers” By Shaikh Abdul Majeed El Zindani.

But those who believe and work deeds of righteousness, and believe in the (Revelation) sent down to Muhammad- for it is the Truth from their Lord; He will remove from them their ills and improve their condition. [47:2


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