nice songs .. thank you guys ..


Romall 48 years ago

nice songs .. thank you guys ..

hamzaa 48 years ago

thanks for the links.. i have got them all.. here the nice and new site u can hear a lot of albums there and some new pics..enjoy that ;O)

caliguy510 48 years ago

salam hamza jan.

i have all the ahamd zahir's cds and some majlisi of him in cassat. i have one of his majlisi albums in cassat. in this album he has sang songs with zahir howyda and ahamd wali together. all three of them have sang one song and there is acouple of songs there that are dogana with zahir hoywada. u can downlaod some of his majlisi songs here in this website below.

 this album was just released last year. it is mafali but it was kept and was released last year here is the link

lovelymariam 48 years ago

Hamza Jaan . .  Sorry for the late reply , but I just found this site and its got some majlisi songs


hamzaa 48 years ago

Salam to all my afghans..

 first of all i thank for the beautiful site..i am a big fan of ahmad zahir and i am collecting his all songs. radio, majlesi and concert songs..i have about 650 tracks. i have all site songs, all radio and most of his majlesi and concert songs, but not all. still i am looking for his majlesi and concertsongs..if any one know about it plz help me or if any one is intressted in his majlesi songs in which he sang some new songs too you can contact me ;O) thanko

    ba eteram


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